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HPA inside replica of .50 cal Browning M2. Fully functional BOX winding after short press FIRE after long press adjustable ROF and power (targeted 2J 0.28g B.. The dimensions are very close to the genuine Browning M2 Heavy Machine Gun or Ma Duce or Fifty-Cal as affectionately called by U.S. Military Forces. Irac Inc. will be the official supplier for the bodies for the production P3 M2 HB airsoft guns with P3 supplying and installing the internal firing system and external box magazine Tags: 3D MMP, 50cal, airsoft, M2 Browning, Machine Gun, milsim. Chris Founder, Manager (News & Tactical Reviews) Chris is the Manager & Founder of the Airsoft & MilSim News Blog. He is responsible for product news, presentations, reviews and advertisement. Any questions? Drop him a mail or get in contact with him via social media The M2 machine gun or Browning .50 caliber machine gun is a heavy machine gun designed toward the end of World War I by John Browning.Its design is similar to Browning's earlier M1919 Browning machine gun, which was chambered for the .30-06 cartridge. The M2 uses the much larger and much more powerful .50 BMG (12.7 mm) cartridge, which was developed alongside and takes its name from the gun. For the 2020 holiday season, returnable items shipped between October 1 and December 31 can be returned until January 31, 2021. You may be charged a restocking fee up to 50% of item's price for used or damaged returns and up to 100% for materially different item

Shop The M1919 is by far one of the most iconic and unique American firearms of all time. Modeled after the famous M1919 Browning machine gun, the 6mmProShop M1919 is an authentic replica of the irreplaceable American squad support weapon for WWII re-enactment and collectors. This limited edition replica... , Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Electric Rifle Lilifolies, spécialiste de l'airsoft et du pistolet à billes. Tous nos Equipements, Accessoires & Répliques Airsoft > REPLIQUES > PACK BROWNING 1911 HME NOIR SPRING UMAREX RESSORT METAL SLIDE 0.5 JOULE + SACHET 2000 BILLES 0.20G. 49,99 EUR (-10,00%) 44,99 EUR. Détails Acheter The real steel M919 Browning is a medium machine gun firing .30 caliber (30-06) ball cartridge contained in a woven cloth belt, feeding from left to right. It was widely used during the 20th century, especially during WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The M1919 saw service as a lightweight, low-slung, tripod-mounted gun for infantry use airsoft browning m2, browning 50 cal sniper, browning m2 sniper, m2 browning scope, m2 browning sniper, m2 browning sniper gun, m2 browning sniper shot, m2 sniper, m2 sniper rifle, new browning machine rifle 2014 pictures, sniper m2, vietnam 50 cal sniper. Click on a term to search for related topics Shop Airsoft Guns, Heavy Weapons. Contact Us (626) 286-0360 Store Locations. Airsoft Fishing Air Gun. 3D MMP Browning M2 .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun (Model: Steel & Aluminum AEG Version) No reviews yet. View. DISCONTINUED 6mmProShop Gas Powered Full Metal DSR-1 Advanced Bullpup Sniper Rifle (Color: OD Green).

With the plan of replacing the M4 and M249 weapons with the NGSW program, it looks like even the bigger ones might be next in line to be replaced. According to Military.com, the U.S. Army as well as the U.S. Marines are looking into replacing the 7.62mm M240 and the .50 M2 Ma Deuce Brand new Browning patent M2HB .50 Cal belt fed with military contract MK123 Tripod, T&E and pintle. $14,500 shipped! (MS residents 7% sales tax) This rifle transfers just like any other rifle through an FFL. No NFA tax required because it is semi auto. This gun is an exact WWII reproduction using new made parts M2 Browning AEG Machine Gun 3D MMP M2 AEG. @redwolfairsoft @redwolfairsoftrussia # rwa # airsoftcommunity # redwolfairsoft # iwa2018 # xfamily # xforceairsoftshop # m2browning # dawik # daw4eg # airsoft # germany # party # 3dmmpm2ae

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This incredibly solid M2 Browning Bipod was made specifically for the 3D MMP M2 Browning. 3D MMP is a new Taiwanese brand that decided to step out of the mold to design one of the largest ever replicas in the airsoft world. Notes* Pre-order takes 1 month for shipping Browning M2 . Made for a combined Airsoft and Paintball Beach Assault skirmish to be held in Bangkok in July 2008 . 1:1 stand off scale Ma Deuce that fires paintballs via a full auto capable paintball marker that has been modified to fit inside the body of the gun Zbraň je známa pod mnoha označeními, oficiální označení současné verze zavedené v roce 1933 je Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2, HB, Flexible. Je účinná proti pěchotě, nepancéřovaným nebo lehce pancéřovaným vozidlům a člunům, lehkým opevněním a proti nízkoletícím letadlům/vrtulníkům The M2 Machine Gun, Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun, is a heavy machine gun designed towards the end of World War I by John Browning. It is very similar in design to John Browning's earlier M1919 Browning machine gun, which was chambered for the .30-06 cartridge

M2 Browning je těžký kulomet navržený a zavedený jako vz. 1924 koncem první světové války Johnem Browningem.Američtí vojáci mu přezdívají Ma Deuce nebo s odkazem na jeho ráži prostě fifty-cal.Zbraň je známa pod mnoha označeními, oficiální označení současné verze pro pozemní vojsko zavedené v roce 1933 je Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2, HB, Flexible Details about DIY Browning M2 M2HB 50 cal. BMG machinegun prop replica kit 1:1. Great for cosplay, movies, decorations or for airsoft\lasertag\paintball integration (if it`s legal in your state). This replica is totaly legal and can't be converted to shoot lethal projectiles M1919 Browning is a .30 caliber medium machine gun that was widely used during the 20th century, especially during World War II. The M2 Machine Gun or Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun is a heavy machine gun designed towards the end of World War I by John Browning. Its design is similar to Browning's earlier M1919 Brow Réplique browning 50 m2 (12/7) Aeg airsoft fabrication artisanale gearbox m240 ressors m150 bloc hop up m4 canon de précision 6.03 de 65cm ammo box de m 249 alimenté par une lipo 11v1 avec trépied V katalogu nemáme podrobnější informace o Airsoft browning. Níže naleznete zboží v internetových obchodech, které odpovídá vašemu dotazu. Tlačítkem Do obchodu navštívíte přímo internetový obchod. Zobrazuji 1 - 18 ze 18 produktů Zásobník Airsoft Browning 1911 HME ASG

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  1. The M1919 Browning is a .30 caliber medium machine gun that was widely used during the 20th century, especially during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.The M1919 saw service as a light infantry, coaxial, mounted, aircraft, and anti-aircraft machine gun by the U.S. and many other countries.. The M1919 was an air-cooled development of the standard US machine gun of World War I.
  2. Browning M2 .50 Cal Airsoft Gun. Parley Tatum. Follow. 5 years ago | 68 views. Browning M2 .50 Cal Airsoft Gun. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 2:09. Bring out the big Guns - The Browning M2 .50 Cal and M240G Machine Guns. Cavanoswald. 0:22. Browning M2 - Paper Machine Gun-Sj. Ljk95180. 0:30
  3. um AEG Version from RedWolf Airsoft. Browse different Electric Guns(AEG/AEP) by 3D MMP online. Buy 3D MMP M2 Browning Steel & Alu
  4. 163k members in the airsoft community. For all things airsoft. Please read the rules, Wiki/FAQ, and use the search bar! Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 54. Part 2 of my M2 browning build. Close. 54. Posted by 3 hours ago. Part 2 of my M2 browning build. Play. 0:00. 0:00. Settings. Fullscreen. 4 comments. share. save. hide. report. 95%.
  5. 162k members in the airsoft community. For all things airsoft. Please read the rules, Wiki/FAQ, and use the search bar! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts User account menu • the beginning of my m2 browning
  6. Holy mother of... yes, the price is quite high, probably too high, but if G&G can sell an MG42 for half that, which is absurd too, well, maybe airsoft is going into the premium sector again after the good old clone wars days X
  7. M2 browning airsoft. Leaders. Policy & Regulation. Community Banking. Search Query Submit Search. Log In. Subscribe. M2 browning airsoft.

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browning leverage .177 break barrel pellet air rifle with scope This version of the Browning Leverage pellet rifle comes with a sleek wood stock and is available in both .177 and .22 calibers. MSRP: $228.6 It has approximately 1,000 employees worldwide. The key to the company's success has been the acquisition of licenses to build replicas of well-known weapons, which then can be sold without restrictions. Umarex currently holds licenses for the brands Beretta, Browning, Colt, Heckler & Koch, Ruger Smith & Wesson and IWI

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  1. Internetový prodej airsoft zbraní. Také servis zbraní. Náš armyshop nabízí military výbavu a vše pro airsoft, armádní oblečení, outdoorové vybavení. Pobočky máme ve městech Brno, Praha, Hradec Králové, Černilov. Více na ArmyMarket.cz
  2. Download Image Picture detail for : Title: Airsoft Browning M2 Date: March 14, 2020 Size: 139kB Resolution: 1200px x 1200px Download Image. Download Image. Download Image. More Galleries of U.S. M2 Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun Full Scale Resi
  3. Kulomet M2 byl zkonstruován podle původního těžkého kulometu Browning Model 1921, zavedeného do výzbroje krátce po první světové válce. Ve třicátých letech byla jeho konstrukce zjednodušena a obdržel silnější hlaveň - odtud označení HB (Heavy Barrel - těžká hlaveň). Od té doby zůstává prakticky nezměněn
  4. We offer airgun cleaning & maintenance equipment including cleaning kits, replacement parts & oil. Whatever you need for your air rifle or pistol, we have you covered

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香港レッドウルフ・エアソフトが『3D MMP ブローニングM2重機関銃』電動エアガンの予約販売を開始 - ミリブロNews

EMG M1919 Browning WWII American Auto squad Support Weapon with Tripod The M1919 is by far one of the most iconic & unique American firearms of all time. The 6mmProShop M1919 is an authentic replica that is perfect for WWII re-enactment and collectors. This limited edition replica, with CNC & machine milled construction, is more than just a collector's piece Our New All Steel Browning M2 Heavy Barrel Machine Gun from RGC is the .50 Caliber our re-enactor friends, and Government contractors have been looking for for years. Up until RIGHT NOW, there have been 5 choices for a .50 Cal HB, all a compromise. We knew there was a better way to build these guns, and as collectors and weapons enthusiasts. K98k Bayonet Airsoft safe. Price £32.00. Quick View. Type 30 Arisaka Bayonet airsoft-safe. Price £35.00. Quick View. G3 rubber Bayonet. Price £30.00. Support Weapons. Quick View. SMBL 2 Mortar (early pattern) Price £180.00. Quick View. SMBL 2 Light Mortar. Price £150.0 Pistole Glock 42 . Model 42 od populární rakouské zbrojovky Glock je nejmenší zbraní z nabídky těchto oblíbených zbraní s polymerovým rámem a částečně předepnutým spoušťovým mechanismem typu Safe Action (SfA). Na rozdíl od mnoha dalších výrobců tzv. kapesních pistolí ani zde však Glock neslevil ze své pověstné kvality a odolnosti svých zbraní Airsoft guns are replica firearms that propel plastic pellets by way of compressed gas or a spring-driven piston. 50 cal The .50 Browning Machine Gun (.50 BMG) or 12.7x99mm NATO is a cartridge developed for the Browning .50 Caliber machine gun in the late 1910s

Oct 24, 2017 - Photos of a Browning M2 BMG. See more ideas about Machine gun, Gunsmithing, Guns CAA AIRSOFT DIVISION 0. Classic Army 2. CSI 3. CyberGun 5. CYMA 79. DE 0. Dominator International 0. Double Bell / DBoys 12. DRAGON 0. Duel Code 0. Dytac 0. E&L 18. EMG 15. EVOLUTION AIRSOFT 0. G&G 7. G&P 0. Galaxy 0. GF Custom Division 10. GFC Guns 2. GHK 0. Golden Eagle 46. Haw San 0. HFC 18. ICS 12. JG 8. King Arms 0. KJ WORKS 29. KRYTAC 9.

The Browning M2 HB along with the M1911 .45 pistol have the longest serving small arms in the US Armed Forces. Full 1:1 Scale Browning M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun Inert Replica Plans This is the most detailed and easy to follow plan set to build a replica M2 available on the web - video at bottom of this page 25 Μαϊ 2016 - Explore Demetris Plastourgos 1's board Browning 30mm machine gun, followed by 1541 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Όπλα, Πόλεμος, Ταπετσαρίες

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  1. The The M2 Machine Gun or Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun is very large machine gun, and it's extremely rare to see one as an airsoft gun. Tom DiQuattro wanted to have his M2 replica converted to a PolarStar Fusion Engine gun so he sent it out to see what could be done. The M2 replica is massive
  2. um Air Seal Nozzle with O-ring. $4.99. 3 left. Crossman Benja
  3. Sep 25, 2020 - Explore Steve Wilson's board Browning 50 cal on Pinterest. See more ideas about Machine gun, Guns, Gunsmithing
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Popis. Autentická replika pistole Smith&Wesson Military Police inovovaného modelu MP9 M2.0. Smith Wesson MP9 M2.0 má vnitřní konstrukci a mechanismy ze slitiny kovů stejně jako závěr. Kovový závěr s funkcí BlowBack - během střelby dochází k realistickému pohybu závěru jako u ostré zbraně, je doplněný o polymerový rám a ergonomickou rukojetí The Browning M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun, Heavy barrel is an automatic, recoil operated, air-cooled machine gun with adjustable headspace and is crew transportable with limited amounts of. Ministry of Attack Airsoft Browning M2: In a fit of madness, for some inexplicable reason, I had the bright idea of building a browning M2.... Now this seemed a relatively simple project to start with, Sheet metal box for the body, famas gearbox bits of tube for the barrel, piece of cake right

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Browning .50 Caliber M2 Heavy Barrel Ma Deuce Replica. View Full Size. SKU: DOD-M2HBb $1,479.00 Quantity. Full Size Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun. Working 2 Stage, Spring Loaded Charging Handle!! Spring Loaded Trigger!! Barrel removes for transport; top cover opens, and holds belts of 50 cal ammo (Belt NOT included) with the Extractor Trademarked french Brand, Massive Replicas offers you exclusive heavy weapon replicas for both militaria collection and Airsoft. Our replica of the famous M2 Browning M2HB will satisfy the fans of heavy machine guns at very affordable price! Designed by our designers, our .50 caliber replica is the final result of months of engineerin

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I build a 1919a4 HB Browning Replica that is constructed of ABS, PVC, and common hardware items. Finished weight is just over nine pounds, and it is strong enough to stand on! The top lid opens realistically, and it is the actual length, width, and height as the real item. We are working on a water-cooled barrel kit, and an M2 will be ready soon Building the Browning Heavy Machinegun is our specialty. With weapons in service world wide you can call on us for depot level maintenance, full restorations, or parts kits builds. All NFA Rules Apply. Semi-Auto's and Machineguns * NOS M2 heavy bolt. Airsoft Guns Blowback Air gun BB gun M1911 pistol, gun PNG size: 2722x1754px filesize: 3.93MB Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Combat Arms M4 carbine Weapon Warface, weapon PNG size: 1920x410px filesize: 458.53K

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Présenté pour la première fois lors de l'IWA 2019, ce fusil Airgun Hämmerli 850 M2 CO2 a subi de nombreuses transformations par rapport au modèle d'origine.Fabriqué par Umarex, le Hämmerli 850 M2 Co2 avec sa technologie sophistiquée, reprend le look d'un fusil à répétition traditionnel Fiche technique de la mitrailleuse Browning M2. Pays créateur/utilisateur: Etats-Unis d'Amérique Dénomination: Browning M2 HB - .50. Mode de tir: automatique et semi-automatique Calibre: 12,7 x 99 mm Chargeur: par bandes de 100 cartouches Portée : 1800 m Cadence de tir: 500 coups/min. Masse de la mitrailleuse M2 HB : 38 kg Masse du trépied M3 : 20 k

M2 resin Replica 50 Caliber Machine Gun, all resin has some metal for support, for display, movie props, reenactment, training. n for sale by coolwalk449 on GunsAmerica - 93196534 Airsoft Airsoft AEG Pistol Airsoft Pistol. Art nr: 4746 Specifikationer Artikelnummer 2.5878 Rekommenderat pris 599,00 Om Browning 1911 HME NYHET Information kommer inom kort. Heckler & Koch HK45, CO2 6 mm Specifikationer Artikelnummer 2.5961-1 Rekommenderat pris 2 499,00 Om Walther PPQ M2 Navy Duty Kit Co2 NYHET Information kommer inom. A Browning M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun. is a best seller product that we recommend to everyone. Many reviews and testimonial from consumers are satisfied with this product. A Browning M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun. is definitely the best choice for people who are looking for the best quality product The new 850 M2 air rifle from Umarex. Fort Smith, AR-(AmmoLand.com)- Umarex USA has once again pushed the limits by offering an all-new CO2-powered pellet rifle that resembles a traditional. The Colt-Browning M1895, nicknamed potato digger because of its unusual operating mechanism, is an air-cooled, belt-fed, gas-operated machine gun that fires from a closed bolt with a cyclic rate of 450 rounds per minute. Based on a John Browning design dating to 1889, it was the first successful gas-operated machine gun to enter service

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  1. The AN/M2 Browning Machine Gun is easily the most common weapon on American Aircraft, both as an offensive weapon found on fighter aircraft as well as studding the various gun ports and turrets located on bomber aircraft. Going by numbers alone, the M2 Machine Gun is a contender (along with the Berezin UB) for the title of most powerful machine gun currently featured, causing far more damage.
  2. Cover, Sight, Front, M2. Front sight cover for the Browning M2 .50 caliber. For use on both the water cooled and aircraft guns. US GI, Excellent condition. $19.95 US, Plus Shipping. Click on image to enlarge SIGHTCOVER 6008939: Cover, Sight, Rear, M2. Rear sight cover for the Browning M2 .50 caliber
  3. Benelli M2 Comfortech for sale at McAvoy Guns. Choice of barrel length. Available in 2 + 1 or 7 + 1 FAC capacity. Left hand option available on 2 + 1 12G model. You may order this gun online, however due to UK Legislation we are not permitted to ship directly to you, we can however ship to a registered firearms dealer local to you. Once we.
  4. Toutes les mitrailleuse lourde Airsoft à prix canon. Répliques de soutien. Frais de port offert à partir de 100€
  5. Witam Na samym początku chciałbym przeprosić jeżeli nie ten dział :) No więc tak poszukuję dokładnych planów chodzi mi o (body, z wymiarami oczywiście ;p ) do wyżej wymienionego kaema, ostatnio postanowiłem zrobić takie cudeńko więc pomyślałem że możę byście pomogli :) Jeżeli ktoś ma lub wie gdzi..
  6. Všechny informace o produktu Airsoftová zbraň Umarex Walther PPQ M2 GAS, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze Umarex Walther PPQ M2 GAS
  7. Airsoft Pistole Walther PPQ M2 GAS. Walther PPQ M2, airsoftové pistole s pohonem GAS, energie 1J, kapacita zásobníku 22BB, s BlowBackem. Eshop je plně funkční a objednávky expedujeme v běžném režimu. Prodejna je od 26.10 opět otevřena od 8:30 - 17:00 hod. +420 737 546 378

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  1. Browning, Cold Steel, CRKT, Damascus Pistole Airsoft Walther PPQ M2 GAS . Na objednávku u dodavatele 3 680 Kč Do košíku. Airsoftová replika pistole Walther PPQ M2. Realistické provedení z kvalitního materiálu, pracuje naprosto spolehlivě
  2. WALTHER PPQ M2 GBB - AUTHENTIC Replica ***** - mimoriadne hodnoverná replika Walther PPQ M2 je airsoftová pištoľ na plyn s BlowBackom od UMAREX-u. Pre Umarex ju vyrába ázijska fabrika VFC. Je to detailne prepracovaná replika podľa originálnej Waltherovky PPQ
  3. John Browning: Data de criação 1917: Período de produção 1918-1970 Quantidade produzida 100 000+ Variantes M1918A1, M1922 e M1918A2 Especificações Peso 8,6 kg Comprimento 1 214 mm Comprimento do cano 610 mm Calibre: 7,62x63mm (.30-06 M2) Ação: operada a gás, culatra aberta Cadência de tiro: 300-650 tpm: Velocidade de saída 805 m/
  4. Pistole Airsoft Walther PPQ M2 GAS. Airsoftová replika pistole Walther PPQ M2. Realistické provedení z kvalitního materiálu, pracuje naprosto spolehlivě. Green Gas modely airsoftových zbraní jsou oblíbené pro svůj vyšší výkon oproti elektrikám a možnosti rychlejší střelby než u manuálních zbraní
  5. Decouvrez LE site reference de l'Airsoft ! Profitez d'un immense choix de produits pour vous équiper au mieux et pratiquer votre sport favori. Adrénaline garantie ! Livraison rapide et gratuite dès 99€

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Airsoft pistole vám přesně padnou do ruky a boj s nimi bude zábavou. U nás najdete kvalitní airsoftové pistole, které jsou přesnými replikami skutečných zbraní.Velkou výhodou každé airsoft pistole je, že si je může pořídit v podstatě každý, nepotřebujete ani zbrojní průkaz AIRSOFT PISTOLE, Paralyzery-vychytavky.cz +420 739 090 329. Airsoft Pistole Walther PPQ M2 GAS - Skladem 3 690 Kč 3 049,59 Kč bez DPH . 8. Airsoft Pistole Browning 1911 HME ASG Franska tillverkaren Massive Replicas lanserar Browning M2 (AEG) från 399 €. De bästa varianterna kostar dock betydligt mera. The mythic Replica available for airsoft! From 399 €, the legend at a low price price, 100 % Upgradable, customizable and made in France! visit our site ! www.massive-replicas.f 08-jun-2020 - Explora el tablero de Marco Mondragon Ametralladora Browning M2 en Pinterest. Ver más ideas sobre Browning, Ametralladoras, Armas de fuego CO2 Luftpistolen von Beretta, Browning, Colt, Hämmerli, H&K, Makarov, Röhm, S&W, Steyer etc. jetzt bestellen

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Airsoft: Equipo y accesorios. Bienvenido a la tienda online de Airsoft de Armería Álvarez. Aquí podrás comprar por Internet y al mejor precio los productos que necesitas para disfrutar de tus partidas de airsoft. Equipate con calidad y al mejor precio To find the year of proof of your (Post 1975) Browning or Miroku shotgun you'll need to find the Serial Number. On most over and under shotguns this should be situated under the top lever and on Semi-Autos somewhere on the receiver In the Serial number there are two letters together - This is your date code

総額55万円:鋼鉄素材の実物大電動ガン「ブローニングM2重機関銃」予約販売開始 | EAA!! FPS News

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Browning semi-auto 22LR Grade III 1979 Made in Japan 99.9% in correct box. Beautiful French Walnut on this Gr III engraved transition piece. All of the rifles of this era were Engraved in Beligum, maClick for more inf Magazin für Airsoft Browning 1911 HME 6mmBB Federdruck. € 12,95. Glock. Magazin für Airsoft Umarex Glock19 6mm BB Gas. Airsoft Pistole PPQ M2 EBB. € 48,95. Walther. Airsoft Pistole PPK/S. € 29,95. Browning. Airsoft Pistole 1911. € 34,95. Magazin für Airsoft Combat Zone 19 Eleven Federdruck. € 9,95. Heckler & Koch. Magazin. Bespoke Airsoft UK has a large range of airsoft guns and airsoft accessories including gas and electric airsoft guns. Airsoft clothing and tactical gear available WE Hi-Power Browning MK3 Gas Blowback Pistol (Silver) SKU 111202 . £134.99. Buy Now. Barrett Firearms REC7 DI AR15 AEG SBR Black (By EMG / Krytac - Blac k- AEG-KTAEG-BREC7S-TGN1 Browning Hi Power Mark III Airsoft-Pistole Michael Schippers Die Browning Hi Power Mark III ist mit einer Energie von zwei Joule die stärkste Airsoftpistole im Test und mit einem Preis von 49,95,- Euro gleichzeitig die günstigste People also love these ideas.

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Each kit contains a spring airsoft replica of the famous Walther PPQ complete with an extra magazine, 400 BBs and a built-in Hop-Up BB system to keep you on target at up to 300 feet per second. Two drop-out, 15-round magazines are included, with each featuring an additional 85-round reservoir for all day shooting Städler Trade, Ihr Partner für: Softgun, Gotcha, Airsoft, Paintball Shop, Softairwaffen, Gotcha Shop, Modellwaffen, Softai

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  • Šumava výlety se psem.